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The Latest Craze
So many changes
My road to health and fitness. Week 7
Road to health and fitness. Week 6
Road to health and fitness, Week 5


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My road to health and fitness
The Latest Craze
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The Latest Craze

It never ceases to amaze me how kids are always coming home with something new. How do these things start? Where do they originate? Who is the first kid to say "hey, look what i just got" ? Well i have no idea what the answers to any of these questions are. What i do know is that when a craze hits, EVERYONE WANTS IT. So i have decided to branch out a little. I have created a new page on my website called The Latest Craze. On this page i will aim to supply whatever the newest thing is. At the moment it is Loom Bands.

So many changes

Hi all,
So much has happened, i know i havent posted my blog for a fair while now, just been so super busy!! I have been on my weight loss journey and have been on a great 60 day Challenmge with a fantastic product called Plexus Slim. One pink drink a day and my cm's are falling away :)  I am now an ambassador for this awesome product. If you are thinking about losing weight, NOW is the time! No need to wait uNtil the new year, start now and you will be looking fab for new years :) CONTACT ME NOW TO FIND OUT HOW CAN ACHIEVE FABULOUS RESULTS JUST LIKE I HAVE.

My road to health and fitness. Week 7

Previous weight: 80kg
Previous waist measurement: 90cm

Current weight: 79kg
Previous waist measurement: 90cm

WOOHOOO!!!! There is a 7 at the front, yes there is a 9 after the 7 but that's ok, THERE IS A 7 AT THE FRONT!  Its the beginning of a new phase, heading down through the 70's towards my goal weight. Ok so now to let you all know, the lowest i haven managed to go in the past is 75kg. Let's hope i don't get stuck there this time, But for now, i am really happy that i am out of the 80's :)

Road to health and fitness. Week 6

Previous weight: 80kg
Previous waist measurement: 92cm

Current weight: 80kg
Current waist measurement: 90cm

11kg to go

So i have hit plateau week, was bound to happen. No weight loss this week, but no weight gain so definitely not complaining. Another 2cm off the waist though and back to a healthy waist measurement so that's a great thing. Now that i have hit healthy waist size, its about toning and finding the muscles underneath, i know they are in their somewhere!!

This week, i must admit, was another bit of a cheat week, well it was more one cheat day, my daughters borthday at an all you can eat restaurant.

Road to health and fitness, Week 5

Previous weight: 81kg
Previous waist measurement: 96cm

Current weight: 80kg
Current waist measurement: 92cm

11kg to go

Another Kg down, i am pleased with that, i am averaging about 1kg a week so can't complain. I am super excited about the waist measurement though, that seems to be decreasing at a great rate. Not long before i am down to a healthy waist measurement again :)

So this week, how have i gone. Actually not too badly this week. I have managed to go for a walk each day that i havent worked and my walks are getting longer.

Road to health and fitness. Week 4

Previous weight: 82.5kg
Previous waist measurement: 100cm

Current weight: 81kg
Current waist measurement: 96cm

Well i thought i hadn't made much progress this week but another 1.5kg down isn't too bad, and another 4cm off the waistline is not bad at all! Creeping my way towards my goal, which is the way to do it :)
This weather we have been having lately has not been helpful in terms of me getting to the gym, although i  have managed to go for a couple of walks. Better than nothing. But the babies seem to be better now and i am down to just a little sniffle, so back to the gym for me.

My road to health and fitness. Week 3

Previous weight: 84kg
Current weight: 82.5

Previous waist measurement: 101cm
Current waist measurement: 100cm

Not as great a result this week as last week, but still not too bad. 1.5kg closer to my goal. I have been on this journey for only 2 weeks so far and have dropped 5.5 kg all up so overall i think i am doing ok.
Haven't had a good week exercise wise this past week, between having sick children, wet weather and other commitments, i haven't managed to get to the gym and have only managed one long walk, clearly it has shown in my results.

My road to health and fitness. Week 2

Goal weight: 69kg  15kg to go

Previous weight: 88kg
Current weight: 84kg

Previous waist measurement: 104cm
Waist measurement: 101cm

Week 1 went rather well as you can see, a loss of 4kg and 3cm around the waist. Not bad if i say so myself. Still have a long way to go till i reach my goal but i am very happy with my progress in week 1.
It feels good to be back at the gym regularly and to be out walking almost every day, weather permitting of course. 
I haven't faced any real struggles yet, of course i have had to talk myself out of eating the chocolate that is sitting in the fridge, but i am pleased to report that i didnt give in to temptation and i stuck to the program 100%.

My road to health and fitness.

My goal: 69kg    19kg to go

So as of tomorrow, i begin my healthy eating plan. Why not start today you may ask, well that's because today i received my Lite n Easy delivery which is ready to begin tomorrow morning.
I will be using my blog to plot my progress and hopefully in the process, give my customers a little insight into the person behind the business. I will post regularly with updates on how i am progressing, i will write about any hiccups i have along the way as well as my successes.

Welcome to Love Times Three

Have you ever struggled to find clothing for your little one that looks good and is affordable? Have you noticed that after a certain age kids clothing tends to get a lot more "grown up" ? As a mother of 3 girls, i worry about how they dress and what they are learning about their bodies as they get older. I am of the opinion that little girls should look like little girls and little boys should look like little boys, not like mini adults. I know not all people agree with me and are happy with the lengths and styles of the clothing on the market these days.
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