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My road to health and fitness
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The Latest Craze

It never ceases to amaze me how kids are always coming home with something new. How do these things start? Where do they originate? Who is the first kid to say "hey, look what i just got" ? Well i have no idea what the answers to any of these questions are. What i do know is that when a craze hits, EVERYONE WANTS IT. So i have decided to branch out a little. I have created a new page on my website called The Latest Craze. On this page i will aim to supply whatever the newest thing is. At the moment it is Loom Bands. All the kids are obsessed with them, not to mention some adults as well. I gotta say they actually are pretty addictive, i am accumulating a rather nice collection of bracelets and other stuff myself! It is a great activity to sit and do with the kids. At my house we have created Loom Band Club. We all sit down each night and make a new design together, each on their own looms. We have been doing it for about a week now and so far its been a great bonding experience for us all.
If you haven't tried it yet, you need to give it a go. of course you can buy all that you need directly off my website!!

Happy Looming Everyone :)

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