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My road to health and fitness
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My road to health and fitness.

My goal: 69kg    19kg to go

So as of tomorrow, i begin my healthy eating plan. Why not start today you may ask, well that's because today i received my Lite n Easy delivery which is ready to begin tomorrow morning.
I will be using my blog to plot my progress and hopefully in the process, give my customers a little insight into the person behind the business. I will post regularly with updates on how i am progressing, i will write about any hiccups i have along the way as well as my successes. Hopefully there will be more of the latter than the former :)  
I am happy to hear from you all if you have any advice or comments. Also if you are embarking on your own fitness plan, it would be great to hear about your journey and experiences. This process is not always easy, so any support we can offer each other is a great help.

Tomorrow's menu includes multigrain muffin, vanilla pears, corned beef oat sandwich and porcipines for dinner.. doesn't sound too bad.

So to make sure i am accountable and stay honest on my journey i will let you all know where i am beginning.

Weight: 88kg
Waist measurement: 104cm   (a healthy waist measurement for women is under 90cm so have some work to do!!)

Ok, stay tuned for a progress report :)

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FrankTheTank on Saturday, 20 July 2013 11:44 PM
Shouldn't your site be called 'Love Times Six'? Or have you forgotten about the other 3 kids you are a mother to?
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Kath McKee on Sunday, 21 July 2013 11:41 AM
Thanks for you opinion, all be it wrong. Not that i should have to explain myself to "strangers" but my site is called exactly what it should be called for exactly the right reasons. Yes, there are six children in this family, but no, i am not the mother to all six. And as such, i do not have the right to call my page Love Times Six, and in fact i don't have the inclination to do so and run the risk of the kids real mother wanting the page shut down, which she would then have every right to do. I hope this satisfies your need to get on your high horse and thanks again for your opinion.

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